News from Fimbul Festival

News Message from 11.07.2021
Thulcandra @ Fimbul Festival
Headliner Spot!
Look forward to 70 minutes of powerful melodic black/death metal.
Founded in 2003, the band was unfortunately forced to stop their project after a tragic fate. But that didn't stop the band of Bavaria from coming back even stronger in 2009 to blow us away with three albums and one EP.

We are happy to welcome Thulcandra for the first time at the Schweinsburg!

News Message from 05.07.2021
Updated Flyer Fimbul Festival
The current flyer with all bands confirmed so far \m/

News Message from 04.07.2021
Décembre Noir @ Fimbul
So, after a short break, here's finally another announcement for the Fimbul Festival.

The quintet from Thuringia is known beyond the borders of the country and has been able to build up a huge fan base with their death doom metal.
Since their foundation in 2008, they released four albums.

We are extremely happy to announce Décembre Noir.

News Message from 24.05.2021
Ragnaröek @ Fimbul
Hey Hey, we hope you had a nice Pentecost!
Today we finally have another band for Fimbul.

Those who followed our live chat might have guessed it already.
With Fimbul, we like to bring other genres to the castle and what could be better than inviting a band from our own booking roster?
In fact, the castle is not unknown to these guys, as they were already guests at the first and third Black Troll!
They bring three albums with them and are currently working on a big project that we will probably hear more about soon.
We are looking forward to a mixture of NDH, Medieval and Heavy Metal from Ragnaröek!

News Message from 18.04.2021
Halphas @ Fimbul
The next band which joins the Line Up has its roots in classic Scandinavian black metal, but bring their own interpretation to not be categorised.
Formed in 2014, the band has released a demo and two albums and mainly deals with images of death and apocalypse in their songs. They tell tales about the forces of darkness and the unending battle within every living entity as well as the war against all false gods. You will feel the pure and primordial force transported through their songs.
We are looking forward to Halphas, who will perform a live ceremony covered in blood and fire.

News Message from 04.04.2021
Stormwarrior @ Fimbul
Happy Ostara to all of you!

Here another band as we promised!
As we said at the beginning, we would like to dive into other genres with the Fimbul Festival and that's exactly what we have done with this band.
The heavy/speed metal band from the beautiful north of Germany, founded 23 years ago, is well known, successful beyond the country's borders and has already performed in many countries around the world. Stormwarrior bring six albums, one split, two demos, three EPs, one live album with them and will heat us up with a mix of their best tracks!

News Message from 01.04.2021
Saxorior @ Fimbul
Now for the band announcement. The band was founded back in 1994 and has become a constant in the metal scene through numerous concerts and festivals as well as seven albums, an EP and a compilation.
Our longtime friends from Saxorior (Offiziell) unfortunately had to cancel last year due to a heavy stroke of fate, so of course we invited them again for this year.
They still bring their current album "HEM" with them and we are very happy to be able to experience their 25 years Saxon Warrior live show at our old castle ruin!

News Message from 28.03.2021
Imperium Dekadenz @ Fimbul
So, here we go!
We are extremely happy to welcome our friends of Imperium Dekadenz on the castle stage again after 6 long years.
Founded in 2004 and rooted in the Black Forest, this Black Metal duo is known for their terrific atmospheric Black Metal. You won't find a faux pas in their music, because each of the six released albums knows how to fully convince.
Their latest album "When We Are Forgotten" was released in 2019 and we are very happy to have the chance to listen to this masterpiece on the beautiful Schweinsburg. At the moment they're already working on new material.

News Message from 21.03.2021
First Announcement 2021 - Sear Bliss
We are happy to present a pioneer in that genre to you. Sear Bliss come along with a special 25th anniversary Phantoms album show. But don't worry, some new songs made it into the set as well.
It's been 25 incredible years since the debut album of the Hungarians was released.
The Atmospheric Black Metallers know how to come up with a brute as well as atmospheric show and as an icing on the cake and unique selling point they grandiosely include the trumpet in their songs.'

What do you think about our first announcement?

News Message from 12.03.2021
In schweren Zeiten
Dear fans, and friends of our festivals,
"In Union We Stand" - the much-praised OVERKILL slogan is more relevant today than ever.

The past weeks and months have once again shown how much the metal family stands together. The incredible support you show towards all of our festivals has given us strength and courage in challenging times and continues to do so.

We, the organizers, have also moved closer together and have come together throughout Germany for a regular exchange. We are in the starting blocks to bring our festivals to live in the best possible way, as soon as the opportunity arises. Because the summer of 2021 is not lost yet!

Should there be festival cancellations, we ask you for your solidarity with the affected festivals, because this solidarity is still urgently needed.

A healthy music scene needs a diverse live scene - at the moment this is still the case in Germany. No matter if mainstream or underground, our festival landscape offers the right setting for every band and every fan. This is very important, but the pandemic threatens this diversity heavily.

We as festival organizers stick together and hope for your ongoing support!

Thank you for standing by our side - without you we would be nothing!

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