News from Fimbul Festival

News Message from 21.11.2021
Shop Update
We have updated our shop a bit and added the remaining stock from Fimbul and Simson Festival.
Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from In Fiction Entertainment!

News Message from 15.09.2021
Danksagung Fimbul
Slowly, some "normality" returns to everyday life.
Oh man what can we say? You guys are awesome! All of you!
Many many thanks to the best crew on earth, to all the bands that have put down amazing performances, to Bornstedt and the clubs, to Lars the mayor, the dealers, the security, to the paramedics who have contributed a large part to the fact that all who wanted to come could come and especially of course to all weekend and day guests without which all this would not be possible!

Hope to see you in May at the Dark Troll and again in September for the Fimbul \m/.
Until then stay safe and healthy!

News Message from 02.09.2021
Running Order Fimbul
Many of you have asked and we think you are all as excited about it as we are.

Here is finally the running order!

Tickets are only available until tomorrow at:

News Message from 02.09.2021
Running Order Fimbul
Many of you have asked and we think you are all as excited about it as we are

News Message from 26.08.2021
Iron Kindl Pest @ Fimbul
Here you go, the last band for this year's Fimbul Festival.
The Berlin band originally wanted to combine metal and punk, but then everything changed. In the meantime, various influences from punk, black, thrash and speed metal have been incorporated into their music.
The band, founded in 2014, has released an EP and an album so far and is looking forward to heating you up.

News Message from 23.08.2021
Kankar @ Fimbul Festival
Barely 3 weeks to go and we still have two bands to announce. The first band is Kankar from Thuringia.
The atmospheric black metal band, founded in Thuringia in 2016, has released two albums so far and even lets us discover nuances of death, pagan, traditional metal and rock'n'roll in their music.
We are very happy to welcome the duo around Stríð & Plágan on the Schweinsburg stage for the first time!

News Message from 08.08.2021
Jarl @ Fimbul Festival
Here is the next band that will enrich our Fimbul.
They originally formed in 2004, but this was just for a short time.
Almost forgotten, the project was brought back to life in 2016 and was finally able to release their debut album "Wiedergänger" in 2019.
We are looking forward to the North German Black Metal combo Jarl!

News Message from 01.08.2021
Eminenz @ Fimbul
Here is the next band confirmation!
We are happy to welcome Eminenz, an absolute veteran of the German Black/Death Metal scene, finally back at the Schweinsburg.
The band from Saxony was founded in 1989 and has released six albums, five demos and two compilations to date.

News Message from 25.07.2021
Thrudvangar @ Fimbul
After we were forced to postpone our Dark Troll Festival twice, we are happy to welcome a band from our line-up at the Fimbul as well.
Our long-time friends from Thrudvangar have been founded in the year 2000 and have released six albums, a demo and a split CD until now.
We are happy to finally see the Viking Black Metallers live at the castle again!

News Message from 18.07.2021
Tragedy & Triumph @ Fimbul
Here's the next band for Fimbul.
The band, founded in 2017, released their debut album "Where Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall" this year and will celebrate their live premiere at the castle ruin.

We are already looking forward to a massive load of Viking/Melodic Death Metal from Tragedy and Triumph.