News from Fimbul Festival

News Message from 15.02.2021
Fimbul Festival 2021
We may not like Valentines Day, but today we too shoot an arrow with some great news.
Yes, there will be a Fimbul Festival again. And yes, as it currently looks again under Corona conditions like last year, depending on whether something changes until September or not...

Before any questions arise, we are still in close contact with all parties and see if there are still chances for the Dark Troll 2021. We will keep you informed in this regard.

But now back to the Fimbul Festival.
Which bands would you like to see (not necessarily from the Pagan and Black Metal genre). Please keep your wishes for national bands. Bands from our neighboring countries might also be possible, but everything else will probably be difficult to realize.

The presale starts now at our online-shop:
If the festival has to be cancelled due to corona, we will of course refund 100% of the purchase price.

Are there any other questions concerning the Fimbul Festival?

News Message from 13.12.2020
New Totenwache EP
Straight as hell!
Every bit of positive news in these times is more than welcome.

Our In Fiction Entertainment roster band and absolute Black Metal high-flyers of Totenwache have just released their new EP "Kriegswesen".
The complete EP is now also available on YouTube.
Listen, bang your head off, order it and keep listening in continuous loop.
Once again, absolutely great!

News Message from 26.08.2020
Harakiri For The Sky @ Fimbul
Disappointment! & Relief!
First of all the bad news. Despite the fact that we were on the phone with Helrunar five days ago and the situation around Corona has been the same for months, they cancelled us three days ago for Corona reasons and this shortly after we put the merch in print. We were just barely able to stop the final pressure and the resulting big financial losses! We are really disappointed with the band's actions.

Now for relief!
With Harakiri For The Sky we were able to find a more than worthy replacement at such short notice! The band from Vienna, founded in 2011, is no longer a blank slate. The Post Black Metal Band knows its craft and has already entered all the famous stages of Europe. Four more than convincing albums and several tours speak for themselves.
We are looking forward to finally see the band on the castle again after 2014!

1. There are only 15% tickets left at our shop!
2. The Running Order will be released tomorrow evening at 7p.m.

News Message from 23.08.2020
Final Flyer
Final flyer!
There are still a few remaining tickets at
Presale ends at 30.08!

News Message from 21.08.2020
Asarhaddon @ Fimbul Festival
So with this band we complete the line-up.

The Black Metal band from Saxony-Anhalt, founded in 2014, has released their first EP "Furstere" one year after their foundation and last February their first full-length album "Reysa". Mastermind Markus Stock also had his fingers in this production.
We are very happy that the up-and-coming band Asarhaddon will present their album live at our castle for the first time ever!

PS: There are only a few tickets left. The VVK ends on 30.08.
An info post concerning the rules of conduct will follow the days \m/

News Message from 17.08.2020
The Spirit @ Fimbul Festival
As the second last band we are happy to announce The Spirit.
The band from Saarbrücken, Germany was founded in 2015 to breathe new life into the Black/Death Metal Genre.
Till now they have released two albums and an EP and the lyrics are mainly about misantrophy.
They have convinced us completely and we are looking forward to see this show live in the old castle ruins.

News Message from 09.08.2020
Theotoxin @ Fimbul
Here is number 13!

We have a deep friendship with Ragnar since a long time, but who is Ragnar?
He was already a musician in some projects, is still involved in some of them and so it was only a matter of time until his latest project will also stomp the castle into the ground.
The band, founded in 2016, consists not only of Ragnar, but also of four other very talented musicians who are or have been part of different projects.
The Black Metal band Theotoxin from Vienna embodies brute performance and the pure essence and coldness of Black Metal, especially through their new album, "Fragment : Erhabenheit", which will be released shortly after the Fimbul Festival.

News Message from 06.08.2020
Nornír @ Fimbul
Slowly our line up is filling up!
The next band that joins us, is especially in the Black Metal scene on everyones lips.
The band from Saxony, founded in 2014, has released a demo, an EP and an album so far.
The straight but also very melodic black metal knows how to convince. The partly nordic and harmonic parts full of feeling and devotion are a special icing on the cake!
The press is enthusiastic and so are we!

We are extremely happy to see and especially to hear Nornír at the castle!

News Message from 28.07.2020
Invoker @ Fimbul Festival
Since we like to think outside the box at our festivals, today we have some finest Black Death Metal!

They celebrate their tenth anniversary this year and have already built up a huge fanbase with three great albums. We also like the music very much, so we would like to invite them at our castle ruin.
Their lyrics are mainly about the omnipresent theme of death with all its endless faces.
Look forward to a huge load of Black Death from Invoker!

PS: Remember that our Corona Specials can only be ordered until Friday!

News Message from 26.07.2020
Waldtraene @ Fimbul Festival
Band number 10 are also old familars. They were openers at the Dark Troll Festival from 2015 to 2018.
But now there was a break for a while, so we wanted to invite the duo around Horda and Knoepfchen, founded in 2010, to our reborn Fimbul Festival.

The band and we are very happy to celebrate their tenth anniversary at the castle ruin. They present as well their concept album "al daz jar", which will be released in September.
With their acoustic sounds, Waldtraene will definitely fascinate us once again.

PS. Please remember our Corona Special Package and our Zipper.