terms and conditions

detailed information you can find on link "approach"

For reasons of space it is not possible to park on Castle-Hill. Campers must be parked below the castle in the village.

see german

crew & security
The crew and security will be on the location the whole evening. You are asked to follow every instruction they give.

disabled persons
People with strong disabilities (from 50 % GDB) can approve, by showing their ID or a certificate of disability, an escort who gets free entry.

The Fimbul Festival stuff strongly keeps distance to right-wing extremist attitudes and national socialist ideas. We will not tolerate violations against the laws and the regulations shown in the terms and conditions. Every violation leads to the immediate exclusion from the festival and will be charged.

As you might know from every other festival in Europe, glass of every kind is not permitted on the location!
Just a short explanation to all of you who still don’t get the idea of security. It’s about conditions, security and in your own interest to keep glass away from the festival. First of all a lot of things can happen if some drunk people feel comfortable cutting themselves with it and second it’s not a very nice activity to crawl on all four looking for sharp pieces on the ground.

Our security will do strict inspections and glass will immediately be collected.
There is no claim to refund in this case.

lost property
You can drop in and pick up lost property from the cash desk at the entrance.

Festival-Merchandise (T-Shirts, Wallpaper, etc.) and band- merchandise you can find on the advertised stands.

Open fire and barbecue

Parked can exclusively below the castle on a parking lot. Camping is there NOT allowed!

Cars which impede the emergency services, fire brigade or delivery vehicles will be towed of own costs!

Pets and Dogs
Pets, especially dogs are not allowed by us.

running order
Die Running Order erscheint rechtzeitig vor dem Festival unter dem Menüpunkt "Running Order".


Wir werden für Euch einen Shuttle-Service (1Euro pro Fahrt) bereitstellen, welcher Tagsüber regelmäßig zwischen Parkplatz und den Campingplätzen bzw. Festivalgelände pendelt.


Donnerstag: 17:00 - 20:00
Freitag: 08:00 - 20:00
Samstag: 13:00 - 20:00

Unter folgender Telefonnummer könnt Ihr unseren Shuttle-Service telefonisch erreichen: +49 160 / 98256050

underage persons
Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted on the festival, except with a company of a parent or legal guardian or with a form for a legal guardian (with the person acting as one).

You can download permission on link of documents.

The serving of alcohol will be done under legal provisions, particularly after §9.

weapons and dangerous objects
Weapons and dangerous objects are strictly forbidden and exclude you from the event.