News Message from 14.06.2020
Wandar @ Fimbul Festival
Band number 3 bring us a great portion of Black Metal!

They hold the memory of giant forests,
Falling oblivion from the vastness of the fields.
...the lament becomes revenge...
The band was founded in 2006, released one EP, one demo, two albums and they come from the nearest big city to Bornstedt, which is called Halle an der Saale!
Because of this and especially because of their great music it was only a matter of time until they finally came to our castle.

We are very happy about the confirmation of Wandar!

News Message from 09.06.2020
Gernotshagen @ Fimbul Festival
You would like to know the second band?

Even longer than Finsterforst, the Thuringian Pagan pioneers of Gernotshagen accompany us. We are more than happy that they will be part of the first Fimbul Festival after a break of more than seven years!
And not only that, it will also be the live release party of their highly anticipated album "Ode Naturae", which will be released on 24.07.2020. So there is a chance for everyone to get the album signed personally!

News Message from 07.06.2020
Design & Finsterforst
Finally, the time has come.
Here the official Fimbul Festival Design and Band Number 1!
As already mentioned we want to go back to the roots with the festival and have a good time with all our friends.

Since our Zerfall tour planned for April had to be cancelled, we are very happy to announce our longtime companions of Finsterforst. After already two more than successful gigs at the Fimbul Festival in the past, we are already looking forward to their third visit and to finally listen to the sounds of the current album "Zerfall" at our beautiful Schweinsburg.

News Message from 27.05.2020
Fimbul Festival is coming back!!!
This page is online!

We are still working on the design and layout.